Tides on the River Thames
in West and South-West London

This site provides tidal information for various locations on the Thames between Putney and Brentford, including full tide tables for the current year.

Those of us who live in this part of London — and visitors too — want to know when the tide is highest or lowest in our area, but most of the public information is only for London Bridge. There are a few sources of tide times for other locations, but mostly only for the current week. So I decided to publish here the full annual tide tables for several riverside locations, and more recently I have extended the site to include real-time data. I am grateful to the Port of London Authority (PLA) for permission to use their base data in order to construct my local tables, and to the PLA and the Environment Agency for permission to use other data.

For reasons explained on the information page, although the times in the tables show when the tide is highest or lowest at the location concerned, the tide height shown is that at London Bridge.

I hope you find this site useful. In addition to the tide tables and real-time data, there is general information about tides on the Thames, an FAQ page, some of my favourite flood photos, and links to lots more information about the Thames and its tides. Use the links on the left to navigate. If you have any queries or would like me to change or add anything on the site, do please email me at info@thamestides.org.uk

Richard Jennings

  Chiswick Mall, 21 February 2015